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Commercial Concrete Polishing

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Commercial Concrete Polishing

Concrete Polishing

Do you have concrete on your property that is cracked, stained, chipped, yellowing, or showing signs of age? Then concrete polishing is what you need to ensure your concrete lasts many more years to come. As the leading concrete polishing team in Indianapolis, we pride ourselves in the best customer service with combined decades of experience. Our licensed and experienced team wants to help your property/ look its best.
Commercial concrete polishing, when professionally installed, is one of the most effective remodeling techniques you can choose from. Our team of professionals is excited to start this journey with you. If you have questions or concerns about your concrete, give us a call today!


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Don’t let just anyone help you polish your concrete floors. As a business, your floors are one of the most important assets you have to attract customers and clients.

Our team of licensed and experienced professionals here in the Indianapolis area is some of the best in the business. We guarantee satisfaction when you choose to work with us. There are incredible benefits to polishing your concrete that will satisfy any need you may have.
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When choosing what road, you want to take with your commercial concrete floors, there are many costs to take into consideration, not just the immediate ones. When you choose to polish concrete, you are saving a significant amount of money in replacement costs in the future. Compared to any other type of flooring option, polished concrete can last for over 20 years, making this option the most affordable one.
Other floors require deep cleans, constant treatments, and adequate sweepers and scrubbers to keep them up to par for short lifespans; however, polished concrete has no such problem because it lasts for decades with little to no maintenance regimes. This is a budget-saving saving quality only offered when you choose to polish your concrete.

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For buildings and businesses trying to earn the green footprint, polishing concrete is the easiest way to achieve such a goal. Due to the fact that choosing to polish commercial concrete means you are utilizing the materials at hand, less waste is created, compared to if you had chosen a completely new flooring. Polishing concrete does not require a long list of materials which once again, creates less waste.
If you have a building that handles machinery or vehicles, then polished concrete is an incredible solution for common wear and tear issues. With polished concrete you reduce the number of times you need to replace machinery, also reducing the overall amount of waste your building produces. Polished concrete has an incomparable seam-less finish.

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Choosing to professionally polish concrete guarantees a more impact resistant surface that can handle heavy loads of dropped items or machinery without damage to the surface of your concrete. High foot-traffic that would normally dull any other flooring system has no bearing on a polished concrete floor. The floors durability is highly effected by how well the polishing is completed, meaning, if you desire highly durable floors then you must have them professionally done.

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Office buildings, restaurants, and facilities require well-lit areas where customers and employees alike are located. Professionally polished concrete creates a reflective surface that enhances lighting in any room; thus, reducing light bills and creating a much brighter and inviting area where everyone can see properly. Polished concrete creates a glass-like finish that appears clean and bright that will not dull by high usage. If you’re business is having difficulty with proper lighting at any time of day, give us a call now.

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One of the most surprised qualities offered by a polished concrete surface is the fact that it is one of the most slip-resistant surfaces you can have installed. There has been research conducted in regard to commercially polished concretes surface and its abilities to limit, if not complete eradicate, slip and fall accidents in commercial areas like, hospitals, hotels, and stores. Having a safe environment for all employees and clients alike is a very important factor when considering flooring options.

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Where are polished concrete floors used?

There are many businesses and institutions that utilize polished concrete because of the options and safety precautions these floors offer. Below is a list of only some of the places polished concrete can be installed. For more information, give us a call today.
  • Hospitals:
    choose polished concrete floors for their easy maintenance and hygienic qualities
  • Hotels :
    choose to polish their concrete because of the elegance the floors offer to lobbies and entryways.
  • Retailers :
    choose polished concrete for decorative purposes making their stores standout.
  • Permanent:
    Once your concrete is polished, it stays that way. Concrete polishing is an affordable investment in your home or business that delivers a permanent finished floor.
  • Restaurants :
    choose to polish concrete because of their incredible safety features.
  • Kitchens :
    choose polished concrete because of their slip-resistant and hygienic properties.
  • Showrooms :
    utilize polished concrete floors because of their beautiful elegant shine.
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