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Garage Floor Epoxy

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Garage Floor Epoxy

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Homeowners across the country are starting to notice how gloomy, dirty or damaged their garage floor makes the garage feel or appear. Have you ever wondered how people fix this? Many try to lay down those weird foam mats that just fall apart after a few months or even try to use subpar “epoxy” paint kits from the local hardware store, but nothing really ever works.
Well, that was until our neighbors in Indianapolis started using our garage floor epoxy. With our garage floor epoxy, you will never have to worry about your garage floor looking gloomy or maybe even just plain ugly ever again! Our revolutionary garage floor coating can transform the way you see and even use your garage forever so let us tell you how.



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Why Use Garage Floor Epoxy

Lets Talk About What Garage Floor Epoxy Can Do For You!

Garage floor epoxy comes chock full of benefits that can make you love your garage again. While having a full list of benefits displayed would take hours to read, we have outlined only the best benefits that you stand to gain from using a garage epoxy down below! Don’t worry, you will find the other benefits of epoxy quite easily when your epoxy has been installed!
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Easy Maintenance

When it comes to cleaning the garage, the process may be overwhelming due to staining or it can be a pain because how many crevices or cracks are in the concrete slab. With a garage floor epoxy, all you will need to do to maintain your garage is give it a simple sweep and mop every so often to make it shine like new. You can even use the hose to clean your garage!

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Chemical Resistance

The garage is where many homeowners across the county store their harshest chemicals as the garage is where we tend to use them the most. So your garage floor should be resistant to most chemicals, right? Well, your concrete isn’t but our epoxy is! Our epoxy garage floor coating will isolate all of those harmful chemicals on its surface so they can be cleaned up and disposed of with ease!

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Unmatched Customization

One of the most popular reasons that so many homeowners decide to make the switch to an epoxy system in the garage is the sheer level of customization that comes with epoxy flooring. No more will your garage be boring and gray, with epoxy you can choose from a wide range of base colors, have the option to use flakes or metallic pigments and for the extreme enthusiast, you can even have a logo placed directly into the floor! Not only can an epoxy garage floor make your floor look better to the eye, but it can also make the garage brighter! Epoxy has been proven to reflect light so efficiently, it can make the garage up to 3 times brighter than any other flooring system, and that’s without the help from additional lighting sources! With epoxy flooring in place, not only will your garage look better and be more welcoming, it can even save you money on your power bill!

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Superior Durability

Many homeowners all around the world use their garage for most of their extracurricular activities and these activities can take a toll on your concrete slab. Whether you are a weekend warrior with your hobbies or even if you use the garage on a daily basis for work, an epoxy flooring system can make your concrete much stronger. Epoxy flooring has actually been tested and proven to make the underlying concrete slab up to 300 percent stronger and even last an average of 2 times longer than an exposed concrete slab. Not only will your concrete slab be stronger it can resist the effects of heavy vehicle and foot traffic, the use of heavy machinery, the impact from dropped objects, and can even drastically slow down the appearance of cracks. No matter what your garage is used for, it needs to be ready for whatever life can throw at is and with an epoxy garage floor it will be ready as epoxy is water, fire, and even electricity resistant!

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Invest In Your Home!

Did you know that a garage with a damaged concrete slab may not be approved for a loan to sell? With a garage floor epoxy system in place, not only will your home pass inspection, you can even add thousands of dollars to your homes current value! An investment with almost instant potential is an investment worth taking!

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How Long Will It Take?

All jobs have a based time of installation that varies from 3 days for smaller garages all the way up to about 5-7 days for larger garages or add-on auto garages. While size plays a major role in the timeline of epoxy flooring, there are also other variables that must be looked at as well. Like for instance a concrete slab that needs extensive repairs may take longer than a brand new concrete slab or weather may not permit the installation of epoxy flooring may slow down the process. That being said, we will use the most common garage, the two car garage, as an example. You can expect a car garage project to be completed in as little as 4 days!

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