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Metallic Epoxy Flooring

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Metallic Epoxy Flooring

Spice Up Your Life!

Are you tired of the appearance of all of the old and outdated traditional flooring systems that you can find at the local home improvement store? Don’t worry because there are thousands who feel the same way you do, so it was only a matter of time before a flooring system came along to make everyone’s jaws drop straight to the floor!

We are proud to let our neighbors in Indianapolis know that we are one of the few contracted companies that install the stunning metallic epoxy flooring system! Our metallic epoxy is one of a kind flooring system that can bring astonishing effects and benefits that no other flooring system is able to bring to your home or even your business facility. Want to learn more about metallic epoxy? Well, we are dying to tell you about it down below!



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Why You Should Give Metallic Epoxy A Chance

Metallic Epoxy Can Do Much More Than Shimer And Shine!

People always think of metallic epoxy as flooring that has nothing else to offer than its amazing appearance but they couldn’t be any more wrong about it! Our metallic epoxy comes with so many benefits that it would take an entire book to list all the benefits, but to save us both some time we have outlined the best benefits of metallic epoxy down below.
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The main reason why so many people choose the metallic epoxy flooring system is for its unreal level of customization that can be done. With a metallic epoxy, you can mimic the appearance of a cloudy day, waves crashing into the beach and even the effect of a weather doppler! No two metallic epoxy floors will be exactly alike as it is impossible to perfectly replicate the chemical reactions perfectly.

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Slip Resistance

No matter where a flooring system is placed, slip resistance is a must. The metallic epoxy flooring has natural grip due to its plastic like material and its seamless finish, but what about when it gets wet? We have an additive that looks almost exactly like sand or salt that is placed into the top coat of epoxy that will give the metallic epoxy a grainy texture so you won’t have to worry about slipping on a wet floor.

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Unmatched Durability

Many people tend to think that metallic epoxy flooring gives up all of its durability to have its amazing finish. Well, we are happy to tell you that that is not the case at all! Metallic epoxy uses the strongest epoxy flooring system of them all, the 100 percent solid epoxy system. This is the epoxy system that is most commonly used in commercial and industrial facilities just for its overwhelming strength! This flooring has been tested and even proven to make any concrete slab it is placed on up to 300 percent stronger and even lasts an average of 2.5 times longer than a comparable bare concrete slab. Not only will you enjoy a floor that can handle 3500 psi, but your flooring can also even handle whatever life can throw at it! Metallic epoxy is able to resist damage from heavy foot and vehicle traffic, and even impact from objects that are dropped on the flooring.

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Chemical Resistance

One of the most valuable traits a flooring can have is the resistance to both chemicals and moisture, and with a metallic epoxy flooring, you will have just that! Did you know that concrete is an extremely porous material that will absorb any and all moisture it is exposed to and leak it into the surrounding soil? That means when the concrete slab is exposed to chemicals, it will leak the chemicals into the surrounding soil which will, in turn, cause major environmental damage. With a metallic epoxy flooring in place, you will never have to worry about polluting the environment ever again! The epoxy acts as a barrier that blocks all moisture from ever touching the concrete slab so all moisture and chemicals will be isolated on the top of the flooring for easy cleanup and disposal. As long as all spills are cleaned up with urgency, you will never even know they were there!

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Why Use Professionals?

We will always urge all of our clients to only use professional assistance when working with metallic epoxy. It takes years of training and even more years of experience to perfect this flooring system and once the flooring has set, the only way to fix any mistakes is to refinish the entire floor. Our team of epoxy flooring contractors has decades of experience so you can trust us to get the job done right the first time.

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What Is Metallic Epoxy?

One of the most frequently asked questions that we get from our clients is,” what is metallic epoxy?” Well, simply put, metallic epoxy is a 100 percent solid epoxy system, which is the strongest epoxy system that has metallic pigments implemented during the mixing process and application process. The 100 percent solid epoxy system has 2 main elements that form the actual flooring of all projects. The first element; also known as part A; is the epoxy resin which makes up about two-thirds of most mixes. The second element; known as part B; is the hardener, that makes up that final third of the mix. While all lower tier epoxy flooring systems use an acrylic hardener but the 100 percent solid epoxy system uses a polyurethane hardener which makes the cured product even stronger.
The key difference between regular epoxy flooring and metallic epoxy is, of course, the metallic pigments and how they are implemented. Just like a flaked epoxy floor, the metallic pigments are put into the same bucket as the epoxy resins and hardeners and mixed in with them. Even after the flooring has been mixed and even installed on the floor, even more, metallic pigments can be sprayed on top of the floor while it is still wet. Many contractors will use solvents, rollers and other techniques that we can’t talk about to achieve desired effects on the floor.
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