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Residential Concrete Polishing

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Residential Concrete Polishing

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Flooring is one of the biggest expenses of any new construction, remodel, or repair project. Flooring can also make the biggest impact on your finished look and overall feel of your space. One of the most sought after options in contemporary flooring is polished concrete. Polished concrete is an environmentally friendly concrete surface that has been treated with a chemical process that hardens the surface of your flooring and mechanically polishes to concrete leaving a virtually impenetrable coating on your floor.
Residential concrete polishing is one of the most popular, up- to- date, and cost effective floorings for your next home project. With this affordable and low maintenance product, your next flooring project will be the highlight of your project. Give us a call to discuss how polished concrete can fit your needs.


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Our Concrete Polishing Service

When considering concrete polishing as a part of your project, you want to know that you are working with experienced, licensed professionals.

Here at Concrete Polishing Indianapolis, you can be confident in our team to give you the best service along with highest quality results in the area. Give us a call to learn more about our concrete polishing services today.
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Environmentally Friendly

Polished Concrete Floors are sustainable because they begin with a surface that is already in your home or place of business and utilizes the materials that are already in place. This keeps resource usage to a minimum, while bringing beauty to the properties of the concrete surface. The process used in concrete polishing is similar to sanding wood. A large polishing machine grinds the concrete down to a smooth finish until a polished shine is achieved. The results have been compared to the look of polished granite or marble.

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Beautiful and Unique

Polished concrete floors offer an elegant timeless finish that you will enjoy for many years to come. Having a polished concrete floor installed by our professionals can be the cornerstone of your home. With the enduring design of our polished concrete floors, you may never have to refinish your floors ever again.

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Low to Zero Maintenance

Polished concrete floors are durable and require minimal to almost no maintenance. The process by which polished concrete floors are achieved gives a finish that is both easy to clean as well as long lasting. Polished concrete floors can last hundreds of years without damage when properly maintained.

Maintaining your polished concrete floors is simple. A quick sweep to keep dust and rubbish at bay is all that is necessary to keep your polished concrete floors clean on a regular basis. There is never a need to wax your polished concrete floors, and even more serious spills or stains can be cleaned with a simple water solution.

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Affordability and Durability

Replacing or Repairing flooring is often the largest part of any new construction, remodel, or repair project. By choosing polished concrete flooring for your residential needs, you can save thousands of dollars and use your extra cash flow for other parts of your project.

The affordability of polished concrete floors in your home is magnified by the detail that these floors are incredibly durable and can last the life of your home and beyond. When you don’t have to worry about repairing or replacing your floors once installed, you can find the freedom to tackle other projects in your home.

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Why Polished Concrete is the #1 Choice for Your Home

Your home is a safe haven. It is also a place where your family and friends want to feel comfortable and welcomed. With polished concrete flooring, you can be confident that you are making the right choice for your flooring needs. You don’t have to stress that your floors will experience damage when life happens. You can allow your children, your pets, and your friends to comfortably live life without worries on your new polished concrete floors.

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Residential Concrete Polishing Indianapolis

There is a method to the beautiful finish you see on concrete polished floors that is important to follow. Our professionals are some of the most efficient in area, below is the process taken to ensure your floors shine as bright as you want them:
  • Inspection is done to check for major cracks, dips, or residual coatings, spills, or stains
  • If there are issues found with your foundation your contractor will take steps to fix those issues before installation can begin
  • Grinding, polishing, and sealing are then completed to offer you durability, longevity, beauty, and strength