9 03, 2019

Top reasons why to consider concrete polishing


When many homes and business owners think about concrete flooring options, they may think about cold areas, factories, grey, boring, stiff, or ugly; however, polished concrete offers every benefit traditional floors do and so much more. When you choose polished concrete floors a whole new world of décor opens for your home or business. Polished

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7 03, 2019

Tips for maintaining your polished concrete surface


The great thing about a polished concrete floor is that it is easily maintainable. These floors do not require intense or long treatment plans to ensure their lives are long and strong. There are many reasons why polished concrete floors have become some of the most highly desired flooring systems. Not only are they highly

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5 03, 2019

Polished concrete vs other flooring systems


When it comes to the floors in your home or business, choosing long-term solution floors is crucial for budgeting, maintenance, and productivity. In today’s world, there are many different types of flooring options available to choose from, however, few will provide you the long list of benefits that a polished concrete floor will. Wood, although

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2 03, 2019

Concrete Polishing Process


The process that professional concrete polishers use is relatively simple and uses similar steps to concrete epoxy flooring with a finishing step more similar to re-sanding hardwood floors.  Dry polishing is typically the more desirable process because it is so quick and environmentally friendly. There are also wet polishing techniques available, but here we will

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27 02, 2019

Benefits of Concrete Polishing


Concrete polishing is a process of preparing and restoring concrete similar to resanding hardwood floors and is used in new construction as well as remodeling projects to renew and upgrade flooring.  The concrete polishing process starts with a polishing machine that uses progressively finer grits of diamond embedded discs to sand down the surface of

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