Polished concrete vs other flooring systems

When it comes to the floors in your home or business, choosing long-term solution floors is crucial for budgeting, maintenance, and productivity. In today’s world, there are many different types of flooring options available to choose from, however, few will provide you the long list of benefits that a polished concrete floor will. Wood, although beautiful, will harbor mold: vinyl floors are vulnerable to moisture: natural stone is difficult to maintain. There are many different floors to choose from but only one that offers all of the positives like a polished concrete floor.

Wood floors are available in a wide variety of styles, but each style requires deep care treatments and constant repairs to keep it long-term. A polished concrete floor gives you the luxury of longevity and durability. These floors do not require constant care and treatment because of their durable surface unlike wood floors, who need constant treatment to ensure longer lifespans. Have you ever wondered if the mold was only possible in your walls or in only certain types of flooring? Well, as it turns out when compared to polished concrete, wood floors are much more likely to be damaged enough to need replacement because of mold damage. The grinding and shining process that a concrete floor undergoes creates a breathable yet protective layer between the outside world and your concrete, therefore, the moisture that would cause mold and bacteria growth is nonexistent.

Another flooring option is vinyl floors! These floors offer you the option of many different types of design; however, polished concrete has no limit. The mix and match opportunities that a polished concrete floor offers are incredible and truly untouched by other flooring options. Have you guessed what the best parts of a concrete floor’s variety options are compared to vinyl flooring? All colors, textures, and patterns that you choose for your floor design are long lasting, durable, and inexpensive. There is no out beating a polished concrete floor when no design detail is vulnerable to common damages. Vinyl floors do not offer the floor protection like polished concrete floors, meaning, they cannot save you money the way a polished concrete floor can.

Concrete polished floors are the longest flooring options available when compared to natural stone or other popular indoor decorative floors. The average lifespan for a polished concrete floor is over 20 years, with proper installation. These floors are ridiculously resistant to damages that would compromise its lifespan, like water, oil, and chemical break down. For very affordable pricing per square foot, you could own a floor that will last for decades.

Polished concrete floors are worth every investment needed because they repay that money and increase your properties value by much more than what you budgeted for the floors. The high gloss glass-like appearance brings a sense of sophistication and elegance into any room or space concrete polished floors are professionally installed in. It is very important and vital for the lifespan of your floors, that you have a professional inspect and install your floors.