Tips for maintaining your polished concrete surface

The great thing about a polished concrete floor is that it is easily maintainable. These floors do not require intense or long treatment plans to ensure their lives are long and strong. There are many reasons why polished concrete floors have become some of the most highly desired flooring systems. Not only are they highly affordable but they are incredibly easy to manage. Below are some ways that will help you maintain your polished concrete floors throughout your daily life without much hassle at all:

  • Soft mops are encouraged to help clear your surface of any dust or debris that could be harmful for your floor. Dust and such may also dull your floors shine if too much is accumulated.
  • Daily sweeping is a hygienic suggestion that will help minimize possible allergies and the spread of dirt throughout the business or home.
  • When mopping or cleaning, it is important to remember not to use acidic or harsh cleaners that will ruin your concrete shine. Looking for neutral floor cleaners is a better option than simply water, especially if your floor sees high levels of foot traffic on a daily basis.
  • Although your concrete floors will not absorb any of the spills, it is suggested to clean any dirt or spill immediately after the act has happened. Cleaning spills up quickly will help avoid hazards.
  • Even though your floors are resistant to dust and they help isolate debris, remember to allow your neutral cleaners enough time on your floors surface to clean them properly. It is often mistakenly done, where owners will clean neutral cleaners off too quickly.
  • Avoid cleaners that contain soap because when you begin to wipe these cleaners off, typically, there are high levels of residue behind that will dull your floors shine.
  • Do not scrub one area too vigorously, doing so can harm your surfaces coat and leave uneven patches of shine-less concrete.
  • When the time comes to renew your concretes shine, hire a professional to ensure that you are gaining all of the benefits a polished concrete floor offers.

Polished concrete floors are often compared to vinyl flooring because both are said to be long-lasting and easily designed to fit your needs; however, a vinyl floor, just like all other flooring options, do not allow you to easily and quickly maintain them for decades. Most floors require intense treatments and constant repairs over the years. Unlike vinyl flooring, concrete polished floors do not require yearly updates or any type of waxing to keep up with appearances. Through the previously mentioned techniques, it is easy to maintain a concrete polished floor because even though they’re easy, nothing lasts unless a little work is put into it. It is very important to have a professional come out to inspect your concrete and just as important for that professional to install your polished concrete floors. DIY will rob you of a decent budget and of the longevity concrete polished floors are known for.